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RAEchel portrait by Stefan Falke :

LA FRONTERA Artists along the US/Mexico Border


RAEchel is available for portraits, commissions, public presentations, and workshops.

RR’s first memories were looking at pictures; the book Family of Man and the Vietnam War on TV.  Born in Flagstaff, Arizona to a Trinidadian mother and former U.S. Marine and photographer, John Running. She grew up in the southwest, in the family darkroom and began photographing with Tri-X at the age of 15.   

Raechel’s documentary and fine art imagery reflect her interests in social, environmental concerns and the cultural connections of the history of the Americas; from the Peruvian Amazon, the US/Mexico borderlands and the Greater Southwest. She traveled to Chihuahua, Mexico on an editorial assignment on the potter's village of Mata Ortiz for three days and stayed five years 2007 to 2012 photographing and learning about the connected histories of the Americas. 

Raechel's photo essays and fine art visual storytelling looks at the US/Mexico borderlands work has been shown and published internationally from Paris to China. Her current projects include exhibiting her work on horse traditions, working with NGOs curating and designing materials and exhibits for Amazon conservation and the Sierra Club’s efforts to educate and inform communities about the issues of immigration, cultural and environmental stewardship. 

RAEchel has worked as a freelance photographer for over 30 years making portraits and conceptual photography for clients and also working as a Grand Canyon river guide. She reflects, “Photography all my life has been the language that has taught me to love the human condition in all its tragedy and beauty; the poetry of the dark illumed by the light of the Soul. I strive to continue this tradition and to leave a few pictures of my own that will tell of this time and place in expressions of visual poetry.”





CELL 928.458.0603